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    I am a long term Centralian resident with more than 18 years experience in the financial services industry. Initially, in Real Estate in Adelaide before pursuing a career with Elders Insurance Alice Springs and lending roles with major banking institutions where I gained extensive experience in Home Loans and Commercial Lending here in the Alice and in Darwin.

    I have a unique set of skills that ensures I understand your lending needs and can provide you with professional advice and personal service.

    Tel: 08 8953 8800
    email: katrina.parrington@eldershomeloans.com.au

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Negotiation 101

Posted by Katrina Parrington on July 1, 2013

If you’re buying your next property by private treaty, or even putting in a
pre-auction bid, brushing up on your negotiating skills could save you a small

We asked the experts how they go about sealing a deal that works
in their favour.

1. Determine the state of the

“First of all, establish whether it’s a buyers’ or sellers’
market,” says John Gibson, managing director of property advisors Locate
Negotiate. “This can have a dramatic effect on your negotiation strategy and the

2. Find out why the owner is

“Establish the motivation of the seller,” Gibson says. “Is
there a sense of urgency? If you can establish that there is, that may tip the
scales in your favour.”

Peter Boehm, an expert in personal and property
finance, and author of The Great Australian Dream: Your Guide to Buying Your
First Home (Slattery, 2011), says if the agent tells you the owner is ready to
move quickly, you will know he’s looking for a quick sell.

3. How
long has the property been on the market?

“The longer a property has
been for sale, the more likely you are able to negotiate a good price,” Boehm
says. “But that also indicates that you should be cautious in case there’s
something wrong with the property.”

4. Ask questions about the

“What price is the seller looking for? On what basis was the
property priced?” Asking these questions, as well as asking the agent directly
what they think is a reasonable price, will help you work out what the seller’s
expectations are, and, by checking with the prices of comparable properties,
whether it’s a reasonable expectation, Boehm says.

5. Let the
agent know if you can move quickly

“If you go to an agent or seller
and say, ‘we can exchange a contract within two days’, then that’s always looked
upon as good, because it means your offer is not subject to finance,” Gibson
says. Submitting a signed contract with a deposit cheque with your nominated
price is often a way to ensure your interest is considered very seriously, he

6. Find out if there are any problems with the

If the agent knows about any problems, he’s obliged to tell
you, Boehm says. “Does it need restumping? Rewiring? If it does, and you are
still interested, get a property report, find out how much it will cost to
repair these problems, and then knock the cost off the price.”

Test the water

Make an offer lower than the asking price to glean
information from the response. “Not all sellers are greedy, and often they are
happy to sell,” Gibson says. “Everyone has different expectations. This way you
will determine their bottom line.”

8. Use your

There’s no advantage is using dirty tactics or being
annoying, Gibson says. “Always try to be professional and establish a good
rapport with the agent. Agents like dealing with people they

9. What is and isn’t included?
“Be perfectly
sure of what you are buying,” warns Boehm. “Sometimes vendors might take away
all the light fittings, or ornamental garden features… If they start taking
stuff away, you could say, the price will have to go down. You don’t want to pay
for something you’re not going to get!”

10. Don’t act too

If you are not emotionally attached to a property, tell the
agents you have offers on other properties, Gibson suggests. “That may speed up
the owner’s decision-making process,” he says.

Also, asking, “What other
properties do you have in this price range?” indicates that you are not
desperate to buy this one property, Boehm says. “And that might help bolster
your negotiating position.”

11. Get help
Finally, if
you don’t feel like you’ll do a good job of negotiating, think about paying
someone else to do it for you. “Buyers’ agents are great if you don’t have the
confidence to negotiate with sellers,” Boehm says. “They will also do some
market research and determine what they consider is a reasonable price to

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Take 10 years off your mortgage?

Posted by Katrina Parrington on July 25, 2011

WOULD you like to shave 10 years off your mortgage? How much interest could this save you?
It’s not rocket science, it’s simply a matter of making more repayments more often and making sure you’ve got the best mortgage for your situation. Of the millions of homeowners, only some are getting out from under mortgage payments years, sometimes decades, before their neighbours.
They make an effort to pay off their mortgage early.
The average home loan is now about $300,000, but living mortgage-free is not a pipe dream.
You may only need to find an extra $200-$500 every month so that you can exceed your mortgage payments. While many think they can’t afford that, you’d be amazed at how much money you can save on a monthly basis. Read the rest of this entry »

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RBA Media Release – Statment Glenn Stevens: Monetary Policy

Posted by Katrina Parrington on April 6, 2010

Media Release

Number 2010-06
Date 6 April 2010
Embargo For Immediate Release

Statement by Glenn Stevens, Governor: Monetary Policy Decision

At its meeting today, the Board decided to raise the cash rate by 25 basis points to 4.25 per cent, effective 7 April 2010.

Read the rest of this entry »

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